More about me

I'm a Toronto based developer originally from the Maritimes who somehow made his way west. Well not that far west, but west enough. I took a stop in Montreal to do a degree in math and physics. Also to forget all the french I ever knew. Then I ended up in Toronto for graduate school for math and have been enjoying it ever since. Don't ask me about normal forms for non linear Hamiltonian partial differential equations unless you've got a spare hour. At least.

I started off making android apps and still do. You can see the latest projects I've been up to under the android section. I've also been making websites. I started playing with simple websites then moved on to a full LAMP stack. Now I'm experimenting with setups like AngularJS, the MEAN stack, and web components.

If you like what you've seen get in touch below. I'd love to hear from you.

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